What gives me the gall?

I’m updating and renaming my blog to note what I’m doing now: writing book reviews, promoting work I think deserves attention.

What you will find here is my unvarnished opinion about women in the literary world: how we’re doing, overall; what’s new to read; major prizes won by women; and other topics that evolve from what I’m reading and observing. Send me books to review and I’ll give you my best assessment.

What gives me the chutzpah and why should you care? Well, the answer to the first question is that I’ve been a feminist bookstore owner, a small press editor and owner, a Women’s Studies and writing teacher, a long-time feminist activist, and founder and current President of Jane’s Stories Press Foundation, which supports women’s writing.

The answer to the second is that, if you want to read books that illuminate women’s lives in a way not usually encountered in mainstream books and movies, or popular culture in genera, then please join me as a I pursue our common goal. I am convinced that life will not change in a positive way for women across the globe, until our cultural consciousness reflects more completely the truths of women’s lives in all our complexity and diversity. What can change the world more deftly than words?

I hope you will agree and return often to let me know how I’m doing. Please comment: I want to have a conversation with you.

If you want me to review your work, write to gbaileymershon@mac.com.

As soon as possible, I will link this new blog site to my older sites. You heard it here first: Integration is the word for the next decade.

Glenda Bailey-Mershon
Jane’s Stories Press Foundation
Author of Sa-co-ni-ge/Blue Smoke

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