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2012 Pen Awards for Literature

So many worthy recipients here. Particularly happy to see Toi Derricote named. From their citation:

Toi Derricotte

The judges wrote in their citation:

“We are very proud to name Toi Derricotte the winner of this year’s PEN/Voelcker Award. Derricotte is the author of five books of poetry:The Undertaker’s Daughter; Tender; Captivity; Natural Birth; The Empress of the Death House; and the literary memoir, The Black Notebooks. Her poems carry both truth and a higher knowledge in scenes of everyday life, consistently depicted through taut language. And her voice is, at once, tender and unflinching. A voice that she has honed over her long career from poem to poem and book to book as she investigates a distinctly American psyche rendered by experiences of race, color, gender, and grief, however blatant, however nuanced. The poems remind readers that personal and societal histories intersect sometimes in the most brutal, the most tender, and the most surprising of ways. In Tender she writes, “‘At the still point of the turning world,’ the job of the artist is not to resolve or beautify, but to hold complexities, to see and make clear.” Derricotte’s poems push readers and practitioners into the hard work of seeing with rigor, intelligence, and grace. Her intellect and her imagination continue to forge new territory in the field of poetry, challenging what we think a poem might be and what we think it might do in the world.”

2011 Pulitzer Prizes http://www.pulitzer

2011 Pulitzer Prizes

I haven’t warmed to Egan, the Fiction winner, finding her characters and plots very contrived, but she’s certainly inventive. Foner is always excellent, so I will probably acquire this books, too, but I confess the most fascinating book here, which is on my to-do list, is the Mukerjee biography of cancer. A wonderful concept and the excerpt I have read is sharply written.

Guide to National Book Critics Circle Awards 2010

Thanks to P&W for this instant guide to the awards list.

We’re still a little light on women in this list, and what’s there is, shall I say, sexy or techie, or “oh, so relevant.” We don’t seem to do timeless and real much in American lit these days–a function of our shorter attention spans? Or perhaps the longer view must be undeniably extraordinary in order to be considered with what is merely timely?

What do you think?

U.S. Poet Elyse Fenton wins Dylan Thomas Prize

Read the announcement:

1st novel at 15 and $800,000 richer-CBC

1st novel at 15 and $800,000 richer-CBC News – Books – Australian author wins Astrid Lindgren award for children’s literature

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